EC (Good Agriculture Practice for Protection of Waters) Regulations 2011 (GAP Regs.)

Revised agricultural practices were introduced in December 2010 and were amended in 2011.  The revised regulations relate to a number of issues including nutrient management on farm holdings, general farmyard management and the prevention of water pollution from fertilisers and certain activities.  The new regulations Contain no substantial amendments but clarify a number of requirements in relation to the storage, land spreading and disposal of agricultural waste produced on farm holdings. 

In County Offaly the period for which the application of fertilisers to land is prohibited is as follows:

 Fertiliser Type                                      Prohibition period

Chemical Fertiliser                                   15 September – 12 January

Organic Fertiliser                                     15 October – 12 January

Farmyard Manure                                      1 November – 12 January

Other duties and implications for farmers in the county are outlined in the Regulations which can be downloaded from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.