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'Offaly and the Rising: an educational resource' provides an overview to County Offaly's connections to the 1916 uprising. The two videos (Offaly and the 1916 Rising - Part One & Offaly and the 1916 Rising - The Aftermath), charting the Rising and its aftermath, are a key component of this educational resource. The videos contain photographs, memorabilia, links to film footage from the time, ballads and propaganda ephemera. This educational resource has been divided into two parts. Each part references its corresponding video and includes Teachers' notes with a brief narrative to the background of the Rising, its aftermath and its impact on Offaly.

Offaly and the 1916 Rising: Part One (Video 1)

Offaly and the 1916 Rising: The Aftermath (Video 2)



Offaly 1916 an Educational Resource

Offaly and the Rising, an Educational Resource (Teachers Notes)

as Gaeilge: Uibh Fhaili 1916 Acmhainn Oideachais

Offaly 1916 Bibliography

Offaly 1916 Bibliography

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