Wireless Printing in Tullamore Library

Tullamore Library has mobile wireless printing. This allows you to send jobs to the library printer while connected to the library Wifi on your phone/laptop/tablet and also to send a print job to the library printer from home before coming to the library to collect it.

There are 3 ways to send your print job to the Tullamore Library Printer

  1. Upload the Document online here
  2. Downloading the Printeron App from your the store on your mobile device and locating Tullamore Library's printers on it.
  3. Emailing the print job to the appropriate printer. (see below)
How do I print a boarding pass?
What types of files can I print?


To print an email message or attachment, simply forward/send your email to the correct printer depending on your printing needs.

A4 Black and White - 300213183696@printspots.com  

A4 Colour- 300166445188@printspots.com  

A3 Black and White- 300652333195@printspots.com  

A3 Colour - 300936139947@printspots.com  

A4 Black and White Duplex- 300504936101@printspots.com

A4 Colour Duplex - 300130600126@printspots.com  

When sending an email with an attachment, there will be 2 print jobs at the release terminal. Enter your email address on the release terminal. One print job will contain the body of the email and the other will be the attachment. There is an option to preview your print job to ensure you are printing the document you want.

Tullamore Library uses a top up system to pay for all printing and internet. If you are not already a member of the library, you can join the library and top up your account before releasing your print job. Print jobs will only be available for collection on the same day they are sent. If you already have credit on your library card you will need the email address used to send the print job and your library card number and PIN to release and pay for printing.