Water Supply

The first option is to connect to the public mains if there is one in your area. If you are unsure if there is a public water mains in your area, contact us to find out. Details of how to get a connection are contained in this section.

The second option is to connect to a group water scheme if there is one in your area. Details of group water schemes are available from the Water Services Section. If there is no group water scheme in your area and there are two or more households looking for a connection it may be possible to set up a group water scheme. Please see more information for Group Water Schemes in this section.

The third option is to bore/source your own well. Details of how to investigate this possibility are here. If you require any further information the staff at Water Services are happy to advise.

Contact Offaly County Council Water Services at (057)93 57416, or via water@offalycoco.ie, to check any of the information above.