Tullamore Town Council maintains approximately 500 Social Houses in Tullamore.

A permanent Halting Site has also been provided to accommodate members of the Travelling Community

There are no housing schemes currently under construction. Our staff will be happy to advise customers of alternative housing options available.

How Houses Are Allocated

When houses are allocated, they are done so in accordance with the Council's adopted Scheme of Letting Priorities.

Tullamore Town Council Scheme of Letting Priorities 2010.pdf (size 195.5 KB)

A new Scheme of Letting Priorities will be considered by the Elected Members at their June Monthly Meeting and will be available for viewing or download following its adoption.

How Rent is Calculated

Tenants of a Local Authority pay rent under a Differential Rents Scheme which takes into account a persons ability to pay. A copy of the current Tullamore Town Council Scheme can be viewed by clicking on the enclosed attachment :-

Differential Rents Scheme 2010.pdf (size 111.6 KB)

Anti-Social Behaviour in Local Authority Owned Properties

The Council operates under the terms of the Offaly Local Authorities Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy a copy of which can be viewed by clicking on the link below

Offaly Local Authorities Anti Social Behaviour Strategy.pdf (size 149 KB)

If you wish to make a complaint about anti-social behaviour taking place in a local authority house, the following special form must be completed, signed and returned to the Town Council Offices. Please note, anti-social behaviour complaints should not be made on the general complaints form

Anti Social Behaviour Complaints Form.pdf (size 26.2 KB)

Applying for Social Housing Supports

Click on links below to download application form and details

Social Housing Support Application Form.pdf (size 186.6 KB)

Housing Application Income Details Form HPL 1.pdf (size 16.7 KB)