Attention Offaly Building Contractors

The Local Government Operational Procurement Centre (LGOPC) recently published a new Request to Tender (RFT) on (eTenders) to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System for Building Contractors for Minor Building Works on Residential Properties (“the DPS”).

A Dynamic Purchasing System is a two-stage electronic process that contracting authorities use to streamline the procurement of commonly available goods, works or services that meet their requirements from suitably qualified Economic Operators admitted to the DPS. It will replace the existing multi party framework agreement for ‘Minor Building Works Residential – Public Service Bodies’.


Offaly based Building Contractors who are competent and experienced in this area should consider applying for this DPS.


Full details are available on (Competition ID 230200)

Closing date: 08.02.2023 (3pm)

Further information is available here: 

Information on Dynamic Purchasing System - Procurement Comp ID 230200.pdf (size 147.4 KB)

OCC supply gov comp id 230200.pdf (size 547.8 KB)