Clarification of Statutory Off the Road Declarations Motor Tax Thursday 23/04/2020 3pm

Please find below a clarification regarding limited circumstances in which a Statutory Off the road declaration may be made. Motor Tax staff can help to resolve any issues customers may have.  Customers can phone Offaly Motor Tax Office on 057 9346800 or email to


*** Off the Road Declarations ***


The Statutory off the road declaration must be made in advance i.e. within the month of expiry of the current motor tax disc (or current off the road declaration).  It cannot be applied retrospectively. If your tax is due to expire in April, your vehicle needs to be declared off the road by the end of April – this cannot be done in May as a new tax period has commenced.


Customers can declare a vehicle off the road via or submitting a completed RF150 form to Offaly County Council’s Motor Tax Office.


Arrears will arise

  • if the tax period has expired, the vehicle cannot be declared off the road until arrears are cleared and the vehicle is taxed forward for 3 months
  • if a customer ‘self declares’ without submitting the official information to Offaly Motor Tax office or


If in doubt, please phone Offaly Motor Tax Office on 057 9346800 or email and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.