Esker Arts - Naming of Spaces

Esker Arts Centre is due to open shortly in Tullamore and Esker Arts CLG is asking the public in County Offaly for suggested names for some of the Centres principal spaces and rooms.

The Chairperson of the Esker Arts CLG, Conor Brady, says there are 5 or 6 spaces that will shortly be in use, including the main theatre or auditorium, the foyer, two galleries and an outdoor amphitheatre. “We want these spaces to have names that people living in Offaly can relate to,” he said. “So we’re asking for ideas. Some people have already suggested using the names of local streets or districts. But if we choose 5 or 6 of these, we’ll be leaving a lot of places out. Similarly, we have thought about naming spaces after persons with an Offaly connection who have distinguished themselves in the arts. But again, that would mean leaving a lot of people out,” he explained. “So we’re thinking about names that bespeak the physical landscape, the waterways and the landmarks of County Offaly. These could be in the Irish or the English form. We’re open to ideas.”

To suggest possible names for consideration, people can go to the Offaly County Council website,, and complete an online form with your suggestion/s, not later than 4th November.  There is also a link to the page


Conor Brady added: “Regrettably, we won’t be able to acknowledge suggestions individually or enter into dialogue. But anyone who does come in on this can be assured that every suggestion will be carefully considered.”