Notice of Passing of Resolution to Vary Basic Rate of Local Property Tax

The Finance (Local Property Tax) Act 2012 (as amended), makes specific provision that Elected Members of a local authority may pass a formal resolution to vary the basic rate of the Local Property Tax for their administrative area by a percentage known as the Local Adjustment Factor.

Article 10 of the Local Property Tax (Local Adjustment Factor) Regulations 2014 requires a local authority that has decided to vary the basic rate of the local property tax within its administrative area to give public notice of that decision.

Notice is hereby given that at the meeting of Offaly County Council held on 16th of September 2019 a formal resolution was passed to the effect that the basic rate of local property tax should stand varied upwards by 15 per cent for the year 2020 as regards relevant residential properties situated in the administrative area of Offaly County Council. The variation in the Local Property Tax rate applies for a period of one year from the next local property tax liability date.