Offaly County Council- Covid 19 Impact on Rate Payers April 24th Update

Offaly County Council acknowledges and understands the severe impact that COVID-19 has had and is having on a wide range of businesses in the county and beyond. We are already working with Ratepayers affected by the unprecedented situation which has transpired in recent days. We are acutely aware of the issues faced by their ratepayers and we have been, and continue to, deal with difficulties experienced by rate payers on a case by case basis. We have a long-standing relationship with local businesses and are very well placed to deal with this evolving situation and its impact on ratepayers in their local areas and operating environments.

The Government has recently stated that local authorities should agree to defer rates payments due from the most immediately impacted businesses - primarily in the retail, hospitality, leisure and childcare sectors, for three months, until end-May. As a result any commercial ratepayers that have had to temporarily close or significantly curtail operations during the COVID-19 response period should contact their Offaly County revenue collector immediately on receipt of your rates bill, in relation to any rates payments falling due in the period to end-May and agree a payment schedule to the end of 2020.

Full contact details for Revenue Collectors for your area are available on  or contact our rates office at or by telephoning (057) 93 57408

Offaly County Council staff will work with you during these unprecedented and challenging times and we will respond to queries on a daily basis.

We would be grateful if ratepayers that can, continue to pay their outstanding local authority rates should continue to do so in the normal way. 

Please note also the Council’s Local Enterprise Office continues to provide a range of supports, details of which are available via the following link:

It is hoped that this current period of disruption will not be prolonged and as Offaly County Council continues to deliver public services, commercial life can return to normal with minimal impact on businesses.