Offaly Public Participation Network calls for more community groups to have their say

Offaly Public Participation Network (PPN) has issued an invitation to community and voluntary groups in Offaly to join their local PPN and help build a better future for the county. The call-out comes as a new national brand identity and awareness campaign for Public Participation Networks was recently launched by Minister for Community Development and Charities, Joe O’Brien.

Each county and city in Ireland has its own PPN. Offaly PPN is one of 31 PPNs that have been established in all local authority areas in the State, and its membership stands at 600 organisations. Nationally, more than 18,000 community and voluntary groups are currently members of a PPN.  Public Participation Networks allow local authorities to connect with community groups around their county. PPNs give people a greater say in local government decisions that affect their communities. 

Linda Dowling, who is a member of Offaly PPN, said: “Joining Offaly Public Participation Network is a fantastic way of getting involved in local decision-making and contributing to a thriving community. The groups in our PPN are at the heart of local policymaking and have a voice in the policies that impact our local community.  We in Offaly PPN appreciate the awareness campaign. It will offer our communities a more visible role, bring community groups together in a cohesive manner, create good working relationships with our local authority  help develop policies and strategies for the benefit of all.  Offaly PPN regularly hosts events and trainings for its members; shares information on funding, grants and proposals or decisions being made in the county. It’s also a great opportunity to network and meet other community groups in the area. We want our PPN to be representative of the people of Offaly in all their diversity, and invite all community and voluntary groups in the county to visit our website and find out how to join us.” 

Speaking at the launch of the PPNs’ new national brand identity and awareness campaign, Minister O’Brien encouraged volunteer-led group around the country, and particularly young people, to join their local PPN. He said: “Public Participation Networks give communities across Ireland a voice in local decision-making and bring valuable on-the-ground, experience and expertise into local and national policy development.  The strength and impact of PPNs can be seen in how they represented community groups within the responses to Covid-19, working with local authorities and state agencies.  Through local action, PPNs also contribute to policymaking at national level, such as the development of the Climate Action Plan 2021, when PPNs hosted and facilitated important local community conversations around the country.”

Anna Marie Delaney, Chief Executive Offaly County Council said:The PPN structures provide an important forum for Local Authorities, facilitating engagement and collaboration in relation to a range of Local Authority policies and services.  Offaly County Council supports the PPN to ensure active engagement.  This campaign highlights the valuable work of the PPNs, which is to be welcomed.”

Please visit for additional information on the great work undertaken by Offaly PPN.