Press Release Emergency Meeting Birr Municipal District February 27th 7pm

Press release 27th February, 2020


Emergency meeting of Municipal District of Birr in relation to Flooding

At an emergency meeting of the Municipal District of Birr held on Tuesday 25th February, 2020 to discuss the current flooding situation the Members present expressed their concerns in relation to the number of areas that are flooded at present and the unfortunate people that are caught up in the crisis.  The Members explored the measures that could be followed to try and alleviate the problem and for an action plan to be put in place to seek funding to carry out works if feasible to ensure that the problems do not reoccur in the future.  They agreed to explore the following:


• Identify and compile a register of recurring flooding areas and submit same to the Departmentas a matter of urgency to seek emergency funding to implement measures if feasible to try and prevent or reduce future flooding.
• Carry out an assessment of damage caused to roads and bridges from the flooding and seek additionalfunding from the Department for rehabilitation of same.
• Assess the proposals for the rehabilitation of the Bord Na Mona bogs to identify if this will cause any further problems, and to explore if there could be a funding stream available through this process to try and mitigate future flooding events.