Share your views and help design a Tullamore Local Transport Plan

Offaly County Council and the National Transport Authority (NTA) are currently preparing a Local Transport Plan (LTP) for Tullamore and invite everyone to complete an online survey to help make the LTP as inclusive and unique for Tullamore as possible.


The LTP aims to improve connectivity and accessibility within Tullamore, ensuring that the town centre and its environs are a vibrant, attractive and sustainable place wherein to live, work, visit and invest.


The questions contained in the survey will provide valuable information as to how people currently move around Tullamore, why they choose current modes of transport, and what may encourage them to use more sustainable modes (i.e. walking, cycling, scooting, public transport) of transport in the future. 


Rory Moore, Senior Executive Engineer with Offaly County Council outlined “We will use the results of this survey to help inform and shape the recommendations and proposals of the Tullamore LTP” adding “Offaly County Council looks forward to continued public interest and participation during the remainder of the Plan making process. Once a Draft Local Transport Plan has been developed, we will publish it for public consultation to once again get additional feedback on the draft proposals.”


The survey can be accessed via

as well as the Council’s social media feeds, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  People are encouraged to share the survey with as many friends and colleagues as possible. 

The survey closes on Wednesday 14th June (4pm).

Pre Draft Tullamore Local Transport Plan as gaeilge

Pre Draft Tullamore Local Transport Plan as gaeilge