The Tullamore Street Enhancement Project is now nearing the end of its third stage on Bridge Street, Tullamore.

To date all underground works, paving and public lighting columns have been installed on the first two stages which include High Street upper and High Street lower.

ESB networks will now connect the newly installed underground electricity supply network on these phases. When this is complete the existing overhead wires and poles can be removed from this section of the street.

Works on Bridge Street are ongoing and will be completed in August.

Work has also commenced on the pedestrian bridge over the Tullamore river linking Millennium Square to the Bridge Centre car park. The bridge foundations were constructed in May and the steel structure is currently being fabricated for delivery to site and installation in August.

O’Connor Square

Work on the O’Connor square phase of the project is due to commence in August which will run concurrently with works continuing on the William Street phase of the project. Work will commence on the south side of O'Connor square and a one-way traffic system will be in place entering O'Connor square travelling south towards the Tan yard only for the duration of this phase.

William Street

Work in William Street will Commence in August at the junction of William Street and Church Street. Church Street will be closed to facilitate works for a three week period commencing on Tuesday 06th August.

The road resurfacing of High Street will be carried out in September once all ESB undergrounding and pole removal has been completed.

Tullamore Street Enhancement Update July 2019

Tullamore Street Enhancement Update July 2019