Tullamore: 4th out of 37 towns / cities surveyed- Cleaner than European Norms – IBAL Anti-Litter League Round 2 Report2020

Another superb result for Tullamore, placing it among only 4 towns in the country to achieve ‘Cleaner than European Norms’ status. Six out of the ten sites surveyed received the top litter grade and there were no seriously littered sites. Top-ranking sites included Market Square, the waterside environment at Bury Quay and Lloyd Town Park – the latter was exceptionally well presented and maintained, a wonderful town park environment. 



Market Square:  Grade A.  All aspects of this town square environment were in very good order – it was excellent with regard to litter.


O’Moore Street:  Grade B.  Much of the area presented well with regard to litter.  Clearly a careful eye is kept on the derelict / older premises as there was no litter directly associated with them.  Minor litter to be seen was in the shrubs at the front of the hotel. 


Clara Approach Road:  Grade B+.  The overall impression was of a very freshly presented route with road, paving and grass areas in good order.  Care needs to be taken at the recessed boarded up area where food related items were beginning to congregate. 


Ardan Road Approach:  Grade B+.  A mixed use route with most properties presenting very well.  As well as minor amounts of litter scatterings, there was an obvious presence over a low wall, at the HSE area office. 


Columcille Street:  Grade A.  Columcille Street presents very well with paving, planting, bollards and bins in good condition.  The street bin provides the opportunity to separate cans, glass and plastic bottles from other litter – a very simple solution which could easily be rolled out elsewhere throughout the country.  Clearly a careful eye is kept on vacant / boarded up properties as there was no litter directly associated with them.


Main Street:  Grade B+.  The main litter items along Main Street were coffee cups, fast-food wrappers, plastic bottles, sweet wrappers and cigarette butts, not huge levels but enough to bring down from Grade A status.  The built environment was in good order with individual premises well presented.


Lloyd Town Park:  Grade A.  The entrance to this lovely town park environment was exceptionally freshly presented with lovely paving and the silver bollards created a very clean impression.  Dog fouling notices were clear and hard hitting – Dog Waste is a threat to the health of our children, degrades our town, transmits diseases; Leash and Clean Up after your Dog’. All aspects within the park were in very good order e.g., water feature, seating, bins, lovely wooden playground equipment etc.  Clearly this is a much loved and respected environment – it was spotless throughout. 


Charleville Road:  Grade A.  This route creates a very positive first impression of Tullamore and this high standard was sustained for over half of the sites surveyed.  It was an excellent route. 


The Bridge Centre Car Park:  Grade A.  There was a virtual absence of litter throughout this shopping centre car park.  Planted areas presented well and road surface, markings and signage within were in good order.


Bury Quay environs:  Grade A.  A lovely waterside environment which has been very well presented and maintained – seating and paving were in good order.  Historical trail signage looks well.  It was excellent with regard to litter.