Drama and Musical Societies

 Photo of Opera Theatre Company performing in Birr Theatre 2007 Photo by Patrick Redmond

Become a part of Offaly's Drama and Musical Societies and offer a wealth of enjoyment and creativity to all.

Offaly County Council, Arts Office recognises that theatre and drama are an intrical part of social and artist life and we are working towards building capacity and increasing professional standards.

Musical Societies and Drama Groups are always looking for participants. You do not have to be a singer, dancer or actor, in fact a lot of these societies are desperately searching for people to volunteer with talents for set design, prop management, costumes design and tailoring and stage make up, clerical assistance or just fund raising. These societies are an excellent conduit for community and individual solidarity and they produce the very best in amateur dramatic and musical productions.

Offaly Youth Theatre

Offaly Youth Theatre is a place for young people to communicate their own ideas , use own voice, write their own scripts and perform. OYT has three branches Birr, Edenderry and Tullamore and is affiliated with NAYD (National Association for Youth Drama in Ireland) and that is what makes it a unique theatre opportunity in Offaly. The main ethos behind ‘Youth Theatre’ that sets it apart is the value it places on young opinions and decision making. For more information on the Offaly Youth Theatre check out their facebook page www.facebook.com/offalyyouththeatre or the Offaly Youth Theate page on www.offaly.ie.

Drama & Musical Groups

There are voluntary amateur drama and musical groups throughout Offaly. For a full list please see the document below or contact us on 05793 57400 these contacts may change so if you do not get who you want please ring us on 05793 57400:-

Drama and Musical Groups in Offaly

Choirs in Offaly

Musical Appreciation Societies

Tullamore Gramophone Society
This society is all about music appreciation. Learning, listening, and talking about serious music with others. If you are a lover of music this society can be an outlet and feeder of your passion. The Society meets in the Tullamore Court Hotel for schedule see local papers or check out our events page.

Comhaltas Ceoltori Eireann - http://comhaltas.ie/Tullamore or email tullamore@comhaltas.net


Funding for Drama and Musical Groups may come through the Arts Act Grants