Exhibitions in Aras an Chontae

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Áras an Chontae provides a contemporary yet challenging space suitable for exhibition.

Offaly County Council has developed a policy for the use of this space and is committed to programming high quality exhibitions in line with resources available.

The Atrium is open to proposals from Offaly based community and voluntary organisations, arts organisations, schools and professional artists for more information please contact us on 05793 57400 or e-mail arts@offalycoco.ie

Current Exhibitions

Details of current exhibitions can be found be looking at our Events Page

Exhibiting in Aras an Chontae

The Atrium at Áras an Chontae offers a contemporary space suitable for exhibition of work appropriate to the design and scale of the space. Offaly County Council Arts Office recognises the benefit in awarding solo exhibitions in Áras an Chontae both as a form of promoting the arts and as a conduit for launching artists careers.  Opportunities are given primarily to local artists to stage solo exhibitions and to participate in group shows in line with the adopted exhibition policy for the space and the resources available.

The Arts Office will also use the space to showcase projects and exemplary practice in the arts.

For more information on exhibiting in the Atrium please contact the Arts Office on 05793 57400 or e-mail arts@offalycoco.ie.