Pot Stills - Tullamore

Public Art Tullamore


Artist: Eileen McDonagh

Commissioned by: Tullamore Town Council in recognition of the role the distilling trade had in prospering the town.

Date Commissioned:  June 99 – Jul 2000 Open Competition – Agent National Sculpture Factory

Cost: £40,000.00

Title: Pot Stills

Description: Polished Red Granite 5'6" high x 2'9" wide 3 elements based on shapes associated with distilling and distilleries.

Tullmaore has a long proud history of distilling whiskey, the sculptures in Market Square, Tullamore, are artist Eileen McDonagh's interpretation of the gleaming copper stills that are used to distill Tullamore's famous Tullamore Dew Whiskey.