Puttaghaun Public Arts Commissions

 Three artists with three very different projects where chosen to bring Public Art to the youth of a new housing estate in Puttaghaun, Tullamore.

Artists: Liz Johnson, Michelle Cahill and Angela Ryan
Location: Puttaghaun, Tullamore
Carried Out: Sept 2012 - August 2013
Overall Budget: €16,000
Commissioned by: Offaly County Council & Tullamore Town Council
Commission Type: Open submission

Summary:- As a new estate, Puttaghuan Housing Scheme had over 70 young people under the age of 17, it was felt that encouraging the young peoples long term engagement with the Puttaghuan Community Centre and the community was the best use of the Per Cent for Art public fund. Three public art projects were chosen to be developed with the young people of Puttaghaun as a means of enhancing their engagement within the community and in the centre. Each of these projects is described below:-

 Puttaghaun Visual Art Project Spin

 Spin by Liz Johnsona

Artist: Liz Johnson Budget: €4,000.00

Visual Artist, Liz Johnson was commissioned to design, make and install an artwork for Puttaghaun Community Centre. The project involved a strong element of participation by the residents, in particular young people took part in practical mosaic making workshops during an two week Artists residency at the Centre. The project aimed to enhance community spirit and better social communication. During the Artist's residency the children learned how to develop, create and make their own mosaic designs and were given an understanding of what 'public Art' is and how to recognize it.

 Puttaghaun Dance Project Stepping In/Stepping Out

 Puttaghaun Tullamore Youth Dance Project 2013c

Artist: Michelle Cahill Budget: €6,000.00

The children's mosaics were grouted to a professional finish by the artist. The parents and children collected all of the finished pieces from the centre on 25th July. The completed large scale circular mosaic titled 'SPIN' made by the artist was installed in the reception area of Puttaghaun Community Centre on 24th July 2012.

During the spring and summer of 2012 the young people of Puttaghuan were invited to take part in Street Dance/Hip Hop workshops with Michelle Cahill and Charlie Dando. The young people were mentored in dance moves and encouraged to choregraph their own moves to music culminating in a community performance in August 2012. The project aimed to stimulate elements of pride, value and interaction in the participants. A Short Film entitled Stepping In/Stepping Out was filmed by Hello Camera can be downloaded by following this link.

 Puttaghaun Drama Project Brain Teasers

 Puttaghaun Youth Drama Project 2013

Artists: Angela Ryan, Cabrini Cahill Budget:€6000.00

The Puttaghaun Youth Drama Project was undertaken during spring/summer 2013, the project introduced the young people in Puttaghuan to script writing, drama, dance, visual art and theatre. Under the guidance of Angela Ryan's professional theatre company Jasango Theatre the young people of Puttaghuan were able to ultimately devise, write and perform their own play in front of their community and members of the public. Many of the children were new to these experiences, but over the year through their commitment and hard work, they developed into budding young actors and script writers. ‘Brain Teasers’ was performed on Thursday 31st October @ 4.30pm in Tullamore Library. A film of the play is to be released shortly.