The Pavillions - Clara

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Artist: Jørn Rønnau
Title: The Pavillions
Location:Cluain Fia, Curragh Road, Clara
Commissioner: Offaly County Council
Carried Out: 2006
Budget: €31,300
Commission Type: Direct Commission


Jørn Rønnau was commissioned in 2005/2006 to create interactive sculpture suitable for the Cluain Fia using dried wood from the old trees that had been felled during the construction of the Clara Housing Scheme.

'My concept is based on the environmental aspect of giving new life to dead trees. And not only "recycling" them but actually celebrating them in their natural and cultural environment' states Jørn Rønnau.

There are three interactive sculptures comprises of a "Talking Pavilion" a triangular sculpture made out of 3 pieces of the spectacular trunk of an old Clara beech. The "Reading Pavilion",("Book")a big wooden book with 4 pages, on which is written the word Friend in many different languages.
Finally the Sitting Pavilion" - The third sculpture is a sculptural "bench", which is also very much a climbing sculpture with a large number of images related to fairytales, myths, children's rhymes etc.