Youth Arts

 Photo of Child jumping over hoops photo by Andy Mason

We believe that facilitating projects in which young people can freely and safely be expressive, is investment into their capacity to be confident independent and innovative thinkers. Below are the current youth programmes that we undertake.

Music Generation

Hullabaloo Children's Arts Festival

Mini Movies

Youth Arts Research: In 2018 we engaged a Youth Arts Researcher to undertake research into the current youth schemes and aspirations within the county. This research is now published and is available to view by clicking on the link below:

Youth Arts Report 

Through 2020/2021 we have engaged a Youth Arts Facilitator, Oisin Robbins to undertake specific work in relation to forming a Youth Arts Forum. The results of the forum and research will lead the way to developing a new youth arts programme for Offaly.

We are focusing specific attention on articulating policy and strategic areas for how young people participate in the arts; from those who are already engaging and those who are yet to engage with the arts. This is reflective of the recent development in a number of accessible, high quality and structured arts projects, which allow for young people to shine individually and as ensembles, and to be the source of their own ingenuity and creativity.

Offaly's Youth Arts programmes current and past have to date engaged hundreds of young people, who have published anthologies, performed nationally and entered creative adventures never before imagined.