Healthy Offaly Team


Following the adoption of the Healthy Offaly Plan in 2018 by the Offaly Local Community and Development Committee, a “Healthy Offaly Team” was established taking cognisance of the work completed by the “Building Healthier Communities” project under the National Healthy Cities and Counties’ of Ireland Network since 2016.

The Healthy Ireland Offaly Team - comprising membership from Offaly County Council; Offaly Local Development Company; Offaly Public Participation Network; Offaly Sports Partnership; Health Services Executive; Laois / Offaly Education & Training Board; Offaly County Childcare Committee; and Offaly Libraries - is working towards the implementation of the Healthy Ireland Offaly Plan launched in 2018. The will seek to enable the Healthy Ireland Offaly Plan to achieve the greatest impact possible on the health and wellbeing of all in Offaly in the years ahead.   

The Healthy Offaly Team develops and delivers an annual work plan in keeping with the aims of the Healthy Offaly strategy which include: -

  1. supporting the implementation of the Healthy Offaly strategy under six thematic areas - i. healthy weight; ii. mental health; iii. physical activity; iv. sexual health; v. substance misuse; and vi. spaces and places for health and wellbeing
  2. improving and supporting positive mental health and suicide awareness in communities
  3. facilitating communities to develop positive responses to emerging community health issues
  4. supporting parents in Offaly

Key areas of work under each priority area include: -

1. Healthy weight

  • support the delivery of effective community based programmes with a focus on disadvantaged areas / groups to enhance knowledge and skills with regard to healthy eating and active living; with special emphasis placed on providing guidance, advice and training to parents on healthy food and healthy eating

2. Mental health

  • support the delivery of a range of mental health promoting initiatives in community, health and education settings; with the aim of improving the mental health of the whole population and priority groups

3. Physical activity

  • support the continued development of accessible and affordable physical activities for all ages and abilities which encourages personal and social development including healthy behaviours
  • support the development and implementation of initiatives to achieve the targets as set out in the "Get Ireland Active" strategy
  • support the partnership work of public and private stakeholders to develop a range of recreational and amenity activities

4. Sexual health

  • support the delivery of targeted campaigns to improve awareness of appropriate support services to priority groups
  • support the roll out of accredited training across Offaly to increase comfort levels, confidence, knowledge and skills in relation to sexual health promotion

5. Substance misuse

  • support the roll out of substance use education across all sectors; including youth services, services for people using substances, and other relevant sectors
  • support the availability and geographical spread of relevant quality drug, alcohol and other services, based on identified needs

6. Spaces & Places for health and wellbeing

The Healthy Offaly team meets regularly to develop and agree actions to be implemented under each theme; and to monitor and review progress.

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