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The Offaly Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) was established by Offaly County Council in 2014 in response to Putting People First – Action Programme for Effective Local Governmentreforms to improve the delivery of services for the citizen, greater efficiency and effectiveness, and gives local government a central role in local and community development. This places local government as the main vehicle of governance and public service at local level – leading economic, social and community development, delivering efficient and good value services, and representing citizens and local communities effectively and accountably.

The LCDC includes Public and Private interests in the County: 3 Offaly County Council elected Councillors; Community, Voluntary & Environmental representatives; State Agencies, and the Local Development Company.  

The Chief Officer of the Local Community Development Committee Lourda Giles, Acting Senior Executive Officer, Community and Culture Section, Offaly County Council, Ph: 057 93 46800.

To date the Offaly LCDC has:

Main achievements of LCDC in 2021

The following key priorities were progressed and developed in 2021 by the LCDC:

1.   Implementation of the Offaly Local Development Strategy and approval of the LEADER/Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 funding and the Transitional LEADER Programme funding;

2.   Implementation, monitoring and review of Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2018-2022;

3.   Implementation and review of the Offaly Local Economic and Community Plan 2016-2021;
4.   Implementation of the Offaly Community Enhancement Programme;
5.   Implementation of the Community Response Forum and the Community Call Helpline;
6.   Implementation of the Social Enterprise Capital Grant Scheme 2021;
7.   Provision of support to the Community Sector and affording a voice through the Offaly PPN Network;
8.   Implementation of the Offaly Healthy Ireland fund;
9.   Establishment of the Offaly Traveller Interagency Group;
10. Progression and improvement of the health and physical activity status of the people of Offaly by Offaly Sports Partnership.
11. Development and launch of Offaly Sports Partnership Strategic Plan ‘Active Offaly 2021-2025’.

Background information to the LCDC

What is the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)?

Offaly Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) was established under the Local Government Act 2014 for the purposes of developing, co-ordinating and implementing a coherent and integrated approach to local and community development. Offaly County Council was one of ten ‘front runner’ LCDC’s which commenced operating in February 2014, with formal establishment of the LCDC in November 2014.

Functions of the Local Community Development Committee are set out under Section 128A of Local Government Reform Act 2014.

They are as follows:

  • Prepare and adopt the community elements of the 6 year Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP).
  • Implement or arrange for the implementation of the community elements of the LECP. 
  • Coordinate the management and oversee the implementation of the programmes that have been approved either by the local authority or by agreement between the LCDC and other public bodies.
  • Ensure effectiveness, coordination, consistency and the avoidance of duplication between publicly funded local and community development programmes.
  • Optimise resources for the benefit of local communities and improve the efficiency with which publicly funded local and community development resources are used.

Annual Report 

LCDC Meeting Reports

The LCDC in Offaly is supported by Offaly County Council and involves representatives from further education, business, agriculture, community as well as locally elected councillors.

 Offaly LCDC Members - Statutory Interests 9
SectorMember NameOrganisation
Local Authority Elected Members

Cllr John Leahy    (Chair)

Cllr Declan Harvey  

Cllr Noel Cribbin

Offaly County Council                                                                 

Offaly County Council

Offaly County Council

Local Authority Officials

Anna Marie Delaney

Orla Martin

Offaly County Council

Offaly County Council

State Agencies

Ann-Marie Keane

Con Feighery

Celine Kirwan

Ann Sheerin

Laois & Offaly Education and Training Board


Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

Health Services Executive

 Offaly LCDC Members - Non Statutory Interests 10
Community & Voluntary

Sylvia Sweeney  (Vice-Chair)

Sinead McDonagh

Offaly Public Participation Network Community Representatives (2)

Social Inclusion


Deirdre Arnold

Olive O'Sullivan

Offaly Public Participation Network Social Inclusion Representatives (2)

EnvironmentRebekah KeavenyOffaly Public Participation Network Environmental Representative (1)

Local Development

and Community

Development bodies

Brendan O’LoughlinOffaly Local Development Company

Other civic society or

‘local and community’


Mark Cronin

Richard Scally

Fechin Daly

Philip O'Brien

Construction Industry Federation

Offaly Irish Farmers Association

Construction Industry

Offaly Tourism Marketing (CLG)

 Total Offaly LCDC Membership 19