Offaly Local Economic and Community Plan

Early 2016 Update - The Economic actions priorities for 2016 and the Community actions priorities for 2016 have been presented to and agreed by the LCDC at the April 2016 and May 2016 meetings respectively.

The Offaly Local Economic and Community Plan 2016-2021 was adopted at the December 2015 meeting of Offaly County Council. Click the link below for a copy of the final adopted document -

Offaly Local Economic & Community Plan 2016 -2021

This is an integrated plan with a focus of six years and a strong vision for the future of County Offaly centred around People, around Business and around Place. This vision is supported by strategic goals contained in both the economic and community plans including:


Economic Plan


Community Plan

jpg emp ent and inn ICONEmployment, Enterprise and Innovationjpg ed training and skills iCONEducation, Training and Skills
jpg tourism and promoting place ICONTourism and Promoting Placejpg local and comm dev ICONLocal and Community Development
jpg green energy and sustainable living ICONGreen Energy and Sustainable Livingjpg empowering communities ICONEmpowering Communities

During autumn 2015 a draft LECP was out for public consultation.

Mid Year 2015 Update:

The Local Government Reform Act 2014, enacted on 27 January 2014, gives legislative effect to the commitments in ‘Putting People First’, and the establishment of Local Community Development Committees (LCDC) in each local authority administrative area.

In response to this, a new Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) has been established for Offaly in cooperation with Offaly County Council.

The first task for the Committee is to produce a 6 Year Local Economic and Community Plan. The purpose of the plan is to set out objectives and actions that should be undertaken to promote and support economic development and local and community development over the next 6 years in Offaly.

The plan is broken down into a number of phases

1. Socio Economic Framework

2. Socio Economic Statement

3. Draft Plan (Autumn 2015)

4. Final Plan (to be adopted by the end of 2015)

To date (June 2015) phase 1 and 2 are complete and the draft plan will be ready for Public Consultation in September 2015.This plan will be finalised in 2015 when all the consultations and steps are completed and will operate until 2021.

March 2015 Update -LECP Public Consultations

8 Public Consultation evenings were held in March/early April to listen to the views and ideas that people in Offaly may have on what needs to be prioritized in a new Economic and Community Plan for the County.

Full participation by economic, social and community interests will result in a strong plan that reflects the real need and priorities of the people in Offaly. Funding coming into the county will be spent on economic, community and social actions and priorities that have been included in the plan. Therefore it is important that groups, business interests and individuals attend one of the Public Meetings listed below so that you can put forward what you feel is a priority for your area.

These Public Consultation Meetings were held to give any member of the community an opportunity to contribute their ideas on how we can promote and support economic, local and community development in a new plan for the County

Copies of the presentations from the Public Consultation meetings are available below

Further information in relation to the Local Economic and Community Plan is available from the Local Community Development Section of Offaly County Council, email or by phone to 057 93 57460.