Offaly Age Friendly Initiative - Writing pack 'The Way We Were'

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The Way We Were

Imagine if someone were to write a book about your life so far, what would you like included in it? Which stories, memories, people, places and events are close to your heart, make you smile, or even bring a tear to your eyes. They are inextricably part of the fabric of your life. Yes, you know the stories and memories that are important to you! Sometimes you tell them to your family and friends. Some of them are already part of your family’s ‘folklore’, and are enjoyed and passed around between family members.

Now consider this! YOU are being invited to put some of these memories and stories down in writing. Your words and your voice are what we want to read and hear. We would be delighted if you would share them with us, and tell them to us in the way you might be sharing them with family or friends.


Have you favourite memories that you might enjoy writing about?

For example:

Your first day in school

Childhood friends

Important people in your life

Memorable days in your life

Your teenage years

Playing sport

Teams you supported

Your social life

Embracing adulthood

Your first job

Love and marriage

Raising a family

Values that have been passed down to you


At the end of the day, our special memories will usually involve the people who have mattered most to us during our lives; people with whom we shared the love, fun, laughter, sad times, hard times, and good times, for these are the things that connect us as humans.

Now is the chance for you to put pen to paper and tell us a story from your life, in the way you would like it to be told; in your own words.

You and your family will forever have part of your life and times recorded and published in a lovely collection of stories for everyone to cherish and enjoy.

I have put together some prompts for you to use, (open it here) only if you wish, to get the writing started! Have a look at the different sections inside, and see if it suits you to use them. Otherwise, you may prefer to just dip into those memories, the ones you choose yourself, and get going on your own steam! Do whatever feels right for you, but most of all, we hope you enjoy going down memory lane.

Happy writing!


Denise Curtin Dunne

Writing Coordinator/LOETB

If you require further information, please feel free to Phone: 087 -1198591