What's Happening

Recommendations from the AGM that we held in October 2013 -
1.Have a Youth Club that is central and get a bus service to bring people from different areas and different ages at different times on the weekend as young people in the country areas and smaller towns have no-where to go at weekends.
TOP 2 ( as per vote)
(This can happen through St.Mary's Youth Centre and Rural Transport potentially)
2. To address the poor attitude towards teenagers -put a youth section in newspapers to voice the opinions of young people, have access points in each area where young people can voice their concerns and ideas for teenagers in the County that feeds into the County Council, extend Comhairle na nÓg to more areas in Offaly where there can be mini Comhairle's.

October 2013 AGM Recommendations.pdf (size 71.7 KB)

NOV 2013 Comhairle Executive meeting.pdf (size 105.8 KB)