What is the Supplement to the Voting Register

In the event of an Election or Referendum taking place during the life of the Register, a  'Supplement to the Voting Register' will be printed to include those who are entitled to be on the Register but are not - i.e. people who turn 18 on or before polling day, those who have moved residence form one Dail or Local Authority area to another or those, who for some reason have been omitted from the current Register. The 'Supplement to Voting Register'' allows you to exercise your vote even if you are not on the full voting register.

If an Election or Referendum is due soon but you have not registered yourself to vote, you should add yourself to the ‘Supplement to the Voting Register’ by completing the relevant form. You can apply to be included in the Supplement by filling out the following forms:

To add yourself to the supplement, complete a registration form:

  • Supplement form (English) - RFA2
  • Supplement form (Gaeilge) - RFA2

Change your voting address:
If you have moved from another Local Authority Area and wish to be added to the Supplement or if you have moved from another Electoral Area and wish to change your registered voting address, complete a change of address form:

  • Change of address form (English) ; RFA3
  • Change of address form (Gaeilge) RFA3

Completed forms must be witnessed & stamped at your local Garda station and returned to Franchise Section, Offaly County Council, Áras an Chontae, Charleville Road, Tullamore, Co. Offaly. All forms should be returned to the following address.

Offaly County Council
Franchise Section
Áras an Chontae
Charleville Road
Co. Offaly 

Please call 057 9357402 (Offaly County Council Franchise Section) for further information.