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Edenderry is home for over 5,000 people in the east of Offaly see it on Google maps. After a Cellnex Ireland 'Smart Seminar' in Dublin in February 2020 that Offaly County Council attended, it was clear there were opportunities for collaboration on smart activities. Initial work commenced in February 2020. This resulted in a Digital Offaly / Cellnex Connected Community - e-denderry : IoT - Internet of Things | LoRaWan Connectivity | Smart Town Technology. See our PHASE 1 CASE STUDIES x 7 here. 

Working to each other strengths, within a very challenging Covid year -

  • Cellnex provided the technology to support the IoT - Internet of Things project comprising evaluation on appropriate sensor use; two LoRaWan gateways in the town, access to the Cellnex Smartbrain, ideas development, and ongoing support to project rollout.

  • Offaly County Council provided the town and community spaces for project; ideas development and council access and project introduction to partners in the public service network; as well as various aspects of community development knowledge and venues/agendas.

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October 2021 Cellnex work with St. Mary's Secondary School, following on prior work below earlier in the year.

Project activity support the perspectives of both parties as follows- 

  • establishment of a demonstration space for IoT systems and services,
  • promotion of these over time as to of how these support Ireland's digital agenda,
  • provision of data to improve town management and other services,
  • innovative and collaborative work space and a phase 2 in operation.
  • a welcoming tech and town community to help you test your IoT ideas.
By early 2021 the PHASE 1 CASE STUDIES x 7 had been completed including monitoring electric vehicle charging spaces, loading bays and wheelchair parking spaces, air quality monitoring, public bin management and in-building sensors for the Edenderry Municipal District Building and the Edenderry Community Cabin. 

IoT opportunities support sporting, community, sustainable development business,environmental, amenity, tourism, healthcultural activities, & smart homes projects; to name a few sectors. See IoT's place in the Internet Society.

Please contact either one of us below if you wish to use the IoT test bed town to assess your system prior to your broader rollout of any IoT systems you are considering  deploying at large scale, whether you are a public agency or a private enterprise. 

The project welcomes collaboration from suitable interested parties and sees this as a learning and development space with benefit for all.

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