Zones of Contribution

About 80% of the drinking water supply in County Offaly comes from groundwater sources: wells, springs, boreholes. It is vitally important that these sources are protected from potential sources of pollution.

A groundwater protection scheme has been developed for county Offaly. As part of this, so called "Zones of Contribution" have been mapped for many sources in the County. This is a hydrological assessment of the land area contributing to a well or a spring source. Activities carried out in these areas need to be strictly controlled in order to prevent pollution of the source.

The Environment Section of Offaly County Council carry out assessments in the zones of contribution. The overall objective is to maintain the quality and security of our drinking water supplies.

Groundwater Protection Scheme maps and reports have been completed along with source protection reports for drinking water supplies in Co. Offaly. See link below for more information.

Groundwater Protection Scheme

For further information please contact Offaly County Council, Water Quality Services or Geographical Survey of Ireland.