Controlled Burning

Before carrying out any Controlled Agricultural Burning:

An “ERCC Email Notification – Controlled Agricultural Burning” form must be completed. The Environment Section will record information relating to the date, time and locations where the controlled burning will take place and pass this information on to the Fire Service Regional Control Centre (ERCC).

Download the form below and return via email to or by phoning 057 93 46800 and asking for the Environment Section of Offaly County Council.

This form must be received by The Environment Section of Offaly County Council at least 1 full working day before the burn. Please note, forms can only be accepted during office hours from Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

The landowner is required to contact Fire Service Eastern Regional Control Centre (ERCC) prior to the commencement of the controlled burn by phone on 0818 300 112 to provide details of when it is intended to commence controlled burning and again on completion of burning.

The Regional Control Centre will not record any details in relation to controlled burning unless they receive confirmation from Offaly County Council that they have been notified of the intention to carry out a controlled burn. Therefore you may be charged in the event that the Fire Service is mobilised if the Local Authority has not been informed in the first instance.

ERCC Email Notification - Controlled Burning.docx (size 562.6 KB)