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  1. By clicking on the link for the required licence type below, you will be brought to and asked to Sign In or Register for an account to continue
  2. If you don’t already have an account:
  • Select Register and complete the short registration form and click the Register button
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There are two types of Licences available:

Lifetime and Annual

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Dog Licences

Q: Do you have a dog?

A: If so, you need a licence.


  • Under the Control of Dogs Act 1986, all dog owners are required to have a licence for all dogs over 4 months old.

  • A dog licence is valid for 12 months and you must be over 16 years of age to hold a dog licence.

  • It is an offence to have a dog without an licence and a fine of €100 applies.

  • Dog licences can only be purchased at your local post office or online at

  • General Dog Licences only can be purchased from Offaly County Council.


Dog Licence Options:

1.    An Annual Dog Licence costs €20 per year and is available from your local post office and online at

2.    A lifetime Dog Licence costs €140. A lifetime licence is a once off payment which will cover your dog for its entire lifetime. There is no annual renewal, no reminders, just one fee and you are covered.

3.    A General Dog Licence covers 20 or more dogs and costs €400 per year.

4.    A General Dog Licence can only be purchased from the offices of Offaly County Council, Aras an Chontae, Charleville Road, Tullamore, Co.Offaly.

5.    Dog Breeding Establishments. If you have 6 or more breeding bitches you will need to register under the Dog Breeding Establishments Act 2010.

The Dog Breeding Establishments regulations may cover dogs even when they are not used for, or never will be used for breeding purposes. Offaly County Council will clarify if you are covered by the regulations.

Anyone who is covered by the regulations must register with Offaly County Council and ensure that their premises conform to the guidelines issued as part of the regulations. Please contact the Environment section on 057 93 57403 for further Information

Failure to register with Offaly County Council is an offence under the regulations.

 For details of the register of Dog Breeding Establishments, please click here.