Barking Dogs

Barking Dogs

If you are affected by a neighbour’s dog barking, it is recommended that you speak to that neighbour about same. If you don't get a satisfactory response from the dog owner, you must make a complaint through the District Court. Section 25 of The Control of Dogs Act 1986 deals with nuisance by barking dogs.

If you decided to pursue, it is advisable to have video footage and a record of dates and times of the disturbances - please see the sample log for your convenience: Barking Dog Noise Log.pdf (size 398.9 KB) You also must inform the dog owner of your complaint by using the prescribed form. This form is available from the District Court Office, the Environment Section in Offaly County Council, or below.

Notice of intention to make a complaint to the District Court.pdf (size 29.8 KB)

Section 25 of the Control of Dogs Act States:

1. Where, on a complaint being made to the District Court by any person, it appears that a nuisance has been created as a result of excessive barking by a dog, the court may -

  • order the occupier of the premises in which the dog is kept to abate the nuisance by exercising due control over the dog

  • make an order limiting for such period as may be specified in the order the number of dogs to be kept by the respondent on his premises

  • direct that the dog be delivered to a dog warden to be dealt with by him in accordance with the provisions of this Act as if the dog were an unwanted dog.

2. Before any person makes a complaint to the District Court in relation to a nuisance caused by the excessive barking of a dog, he shall serve notice in the prescribed form, within such time as may be specified in the notice, of his intention to make such a complaint on the occupier of the premises in which the dog is kept.