Bring Banks

There are 37 bring banks in Offaly that accept glass and cans.

Offaly Bring Banks.xlsx (size 11.1 KB)

Some helpful tips when using a bring bank:

  • There are 3 different colours of glass bottles and jars accepted – green, brown, and clear glass. DO NOT MIX COLOURS OF GLASS -  as these must be recycled separately and mixing causes contamination
  • Pyrex glass/crockery/drinking glasses cannot be recycled.
  • Remove bottle/jar lids and put into the can bank for recycling
  • Please take your container home with you – we only want glass bottles/jars and cans here!
  • Do not leave any household waste beside these bring banks. This may result in the banks being removed. It is an offence to leave waste beside a bring bank and the litter fine is €150 for such an offence.
  • All banks are serviced regularly by a private contractor on behalf of Offaly County Council. However, If the glass or can banks are full, please let us know so we can get it emptied ASAP! Contact the Environment Section on (057) 9357403

    After Hours Emergency Contact No. LoCall……….1890 750 750

Do not tolerate those who abuse this public service

What must NOT be left at recycling locations?

Only the described items should be deposited in the purpose-made containers at recycling locations.

Take any bags, boxes, containers home with you. Leaving bags and boxes at the bring bank is not recycling; it is littering. Any littering offence may result in a €150 on-the-spot fine or a prosecution under the Litter Pollution Act under which a maximum €3,000 fine (plus costs) may be imposed by a judge in the District Court.


Harp EU Struct Funds

The Council acknowledges the contribution of grant funding from the EU Structural Fund towards the upgrade of Offaly County Council’s bring bank infrastructure