Small meat manufacturing premises

The Veterinary Section inspects and supervises small meat manufacturing premises as part of the services agreement with the FSAI to ensure safe food. Small meat manufacturing premises include the following:

  • Minced meat and meat preparation establishments
  • Meat product establishments
  • Poultry slaughtering establishments
  • Cold stores/distribution centres
  • Food vehicles

Supervision includes the following tasks:

  • In conjunction with the Food Safety Authority, granting and withdrawal of approval, in accordance with requirements, and provide information to enable the Authority to maintain the Register of Premises.
  • Giving a risk categorisation to each premises.
  • Carrying out inspections. Frequency of inspections depends on the throughput of the establishment, the type of product manufactured, risk assessment and guarantees offered by own checks and HACCP programmes.
  • Reviewing of all aspects of the operation of each premises, to ensure compliance with the requirements.
  • Inspecting the operations at each premises.
  • Checking on premises, equipment, sanitation and pest control.
  • Checking for operational hygiene and general maintenance of premises.
  • Checking on the disposal of SRM.
  • Inspecting meat packing, storage and transport.
  • Examining and analysing labelling, as agreed.
  • Analysing the results of one's own microbiological checks and checks on HACCP programmes carried out by the owner, or person in charge, in accordance with the requirements.
  • Taking samples for analysis as required
  • Using appropriate enforcement procedures
  • Supervising structural conditions and conditions of preparation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage and transportation
  • Checking on cold stores