End of Life Vehicles (ELVs)

A European Directive, known as the ‘ELV Directive’ sets out specific measures to Member States in relation to the collection, storage, treatment, dismantling, reuse, disposal of end-of-life vehicles.

The Waste Management (End-of –Life Vehicles) Regulations, 2006 were introduced to provide for the environmentally safe disposal and recycling of all ‘end-of-life-vehicles’

What is an ‘end-of-life vehicle’?

Typically, this is a passenger car or light commercial van which the registered owner wishes to dispose of.

What can I do with an ‘end-of-life vehicle’?

Owners of  ‘end-of-life vehicles’ can deposit tem free-of-charge at an Authorised Treatment Facility(ATF) with whom the Producer (i.e. maker of car, Opel/Ford/Toyota etc) has a contract.

What is an ‘Authorised Treatment Facility’?

This is where end-of-life vehicles are depolluted and dismantled in an environmentally safe manner.  These facilities must meet stringent environmental standards for the collection, storage and treatment of these vehicles.  Please note that you should contact the ATF in advance to confirm that they will accept your vehicle type.  Also please note that the ‘end-of-life vehicle’ must be intact with no parts missing and must not contain any waste.

CurrentAuthorisedTreatment Facilities (ATFs) in Co. Offaly

  1. Ballycumber Exports Ltd - Waste Facility Permit WFP-10-OY-0182-01.
    The Pound, Ballycumber, Co. Offaly.
    Ph: 057 9336134.
  2. Christopher Langan t/a Midland Salvage - Waste Facility Permit WFP-11-OY-0191-01.
    Cloncreen, Edenderry, Co. Offaly.
    Ph: 087 2954234 or 086 0555444.
  3. Condron Car Dismantlers Ltd - Waste Facility Permit WFP-10-OY-0180-01.
    Cappincur Industrial Estate, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.
    Ph: 057 9322905.
  4. James Hanamy, Waste Facility Permit Number WFP-11-OY-0190-01. Church Street, Clara, Co. Offaly. Ph: 057 9331122.

How does it work?

The registered owner must bring their vehicle to an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), but as mentioned above, you should check with the ATF beforehand to ensure that they will accept your vehicle type.  No charge is applied by the ATF for accepting the end-of-life vehicle, but you must provide the Vehicle Registration Certificate or log book for the car.

The operator of the ATF must then issue a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ to the owner.

The ATF will then notify the Vehicle Registration Unit of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government in Shannon, Co. Clare.

The destruction of the vehicle is then noted in the records of the National Vehicle file.