Green Waste

. It generally includes grass, hedge cuttings, bushes, tree toppings, prunings or other woody material. It is NOT accepted for land-filling and as such should be separated for composting or delivery to a recycling centre.

Compost as much green waste as possible

Do you know that 33% if your bin is made up of organic material, which can be composted.

Composters are available at a reduced rate from the County Council.

Green Waste Facilities

Green waste from the domestic home/garden can be taken to Birr & Tullamore Recycling Centre.  Larger volumes of Green Waste, including green waste arising from commercial landscaping activities can be taken to Derryclure Landfill site for recovery.

When can I cut trees or hedges? 

The Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 restricts the cutting of rural hedges to the period 1st day of September and to the last day of February.