Household Waste

The following are some tips for managing household waste

  1. Reduce
    The only real solution is to minimise the amount of waste which you have to dispose.  You can achieve this through changes in what you buy.  We all must cut down on the volumes of waste, which we need to dispose of by avoidance and reuse.
  2. Reuse
    You should assess your waste to look for reuse opportunities.  You should see if there is any beneficial reuse options for items and materials that would otherwise be recycled.  For example empty containers, are they returnable or reusable elsewhere?
  3. Recycle
    Recycling is the next best option.  You should separate your waste into the various waste types. Those that are recyclable, ie glass and beverage cans should be brought to bring banks and other recyclables should be brought to your local recycling centre, or deposited in the recycling bin which many have access to.
  4. How to manage the waste generated
  • You may have household waste and recyclables collected by an Authorised Waste Collector, who holds a Waste Collection Permit for your area.
  • You may opt to bring your household waste to an authorised site e.g. Derryclure Landfill
  • You are obliged to ensure that your dwelling and yard area does not give rise to litter.
  • You are also legally required to transfer your waste to an authorised collector or to an authorised site.
  • Home Composting Contact Offaly County Council about buying a home composter to recycle you garden and green waste as well as certain types of kitchen waste.
  • Green/Garden Waste

All waste collecters must have a valid Waste Collection Permit before they can accept waste.
It is a criminal offence to give your waste to a collector without a permit. 
You should contact Offaly County Council for a list of permitted collectors for household waste.