Valuation Office

  • National Revaluation Programme Update

    On March 3rd 2017, the Valuation Office issued proposed Valuation Certificates to all ratepayers in the Offaly Local Authority area. The Valuation Office engaged with ratepayers in a consultative phase involving, walk-in clinics and a representational process, which closed on April 11th 2017. The new valuations have been formally published on 15th of September 2017 and come into effect for rating purposes from 1st January 2018.

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  • Rates Revaluation

    National Revaluation Programme Update: Revaluation of commercial and industrial properties in County Offaly has been completed. Proposed Valuation Certificates have been issued to Commercial and Industrial ratepayers in Offaly County Council rating authority areas.

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  • Valuation Office

    The Valuation Office, the State property valuation agency, commenced on the 3rd of March the process of posting over 2,600 Proposed Valuation Certificates to commercial and industrial ratepayers in the Offaly rating authority areas. This is an important milestone in the revaluation of all non-domestic property in Ireland which is currently underway through a programme known as the National Revaluation Programme.

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