The Government has agreed that Level 5 as set out in the Plan for Living with COVID-19 will apply nationally until May 17th 2021. The Government has clearly stated that there is an absolute need to minimise the level of mobility and congregation of people in order to reduce all opportunities for transmission of the virus.

Please note that our library buildings will re-open to the public for Browsing Services and Contact & Collect from Monday, May 10th. Please see Library Page.

Consequently, and in line with current public health guidance, the Offices of Offaly County Council are closed for walk-in services to support this reduced mobility policy.

Public access cannot be facilitated during LEVEL 5 restrictions. Therefore, Offaly County Council services will be available by telephone, email, online post and only where absolutely necessary and in exceptional circumstances by appointment. Please read latest information.

Fire & Emergency Services

The aim of our service is to prevent the occurrence of fire, to protect life and property people living throughout the county.We also promote safer communities by preventing accidents and emergencies from happening as well as protecting people and the environment from danger.

The mission of Offaly County Fire & Rescue Service is

  • To enhance our response to fire and emergency incidents, by improved training and adequate resources.
  • To ensure that the fire safety of new buildings are planned and built in accordance with the building regulations
  • To ensure that places of public assembly are operated in accordance with the relevant legislation and codes of practice.
  • To encourage public awareness of fire safety.