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Civil Defence Training:

• Civil Defence members attend classes in various disciplines during the training period (usually September to May).

• Members are instructed in various life saving skills at these classes such as:

• First-Aid

• Rescue

• Flood Response + Portable Pump Drills

• Welfare

• Radio Communications

• Urban Search and Rescue ( USAR )


• First-Aid classes teach people the basic skills of diagnosing and treating a variety of injuries and conditions including,

• Maintaining an airway - to ensure the person can breathe,

• Control of bleeding,

• Support and care of broken bones,

• Treatment for Stroke, Heart Attack

• CPR. C.F.R.  OFA. EFR. Training Courses.

Rescue (USAR )

• This includes,

• Search Organization + Search Management for missing persons.

• Map Reading, GPS Training

Auxiliary Fire Service

• During this class students learn,

• Classification of Fires

• Basic Fire-fighting,

• Use of Fire Fighting Equipment Eg: Hoses, pumps, ladders, ( To assist at Flooding )


• This involves many skills including,

• Care of refugees

• Hygienic preparation of Food

• Emergency Accommodation Procedures

Radio Communications

• This class teaches volunteers the proper use of Radios for use on Civil Defence Duties, Exercises and for Emergencies

How do I join?

• Contact

• Raphael Fallon. Civil Defence Officer, Central Fire Station,Sragh,Tullamore,Offaly.

Phone No : (057) 9327429

Website :   Irish Civil Defence Web Site

Email :  civildefence@offalycoco.ie