home fire safety

Prevent a fire occurring

Open Fires

  •   Always keep a sparkguard in front of an open fire.
  •   Use a secure fire guard when children are in the room.
  •   Avoid banking fires too high.
  •   If you have a chimney fire call the fire brigade.

Portable Heaters 

  •   Keep portable heaters away from curtains and furniture.
  •   Keep portable heaters away from draughts
  •   Never move a gas or oil heater when it is in use.
  •   Never refill a hot oil heater.
  •   Never use a portable heater for drying clothes.

Respect electricity 

  •   Check flexes for signs of wear regularly and replace if necessary.
  •   Don’t run flexes under carpets or rugs where they can be damaged.
  •   Replace blown fuses with one of the correct rating.
  •   Don’t overload sockets – one socket, one plug is a safe rule.
  •   Get a qualified electrician to carry out repairs.
  •   Follow the manufacturers instructions for electric blankets.
  •   Use socket covers if there are children in the house.

Gas Appliances 

  •   Always keep gas cylinders upright and switch off at the regulator when not in use.
  •   Have adequate ventilation in all rooms where gas heaters are used.
  •   Check flexible hoses regularly for signs of wear and have them replaced.
  •   Store gas cylinders in the open air.
  •   If you suspect a leak, do not switch on lighting or any electrical appliance, ventilate the area, switch off the gas at source, contact your gas supplier


  • Never hang cloths directly over cookers or hobs.
  •   Turn pot handles inwards on the hob.
  •   Do not wear loose sleeves while cooking.
  •   Use a thermostatically controlled chip pan.
  •   Never overfill a chip pan.
  •   Never leave a chip pan unattended.


  •   Use proper ashtrays on a firm base.
  •   Last thing at night check that a smouldering cigarette has not fallen into seating or onto carpets.
  •   Never, never, never smoke in bed.


  •   Never leave children alone in the house
  •   Use secure fire guards in front of open fires.
  •   Never allow children to throw anything on an open fire.
  •   Keep children clear of the cooker when you are using it.
  •   Switch off and unplug appliances when not in use.
  •   Use child proof socket covers.
  •   Keep matches out of reach of children.