The Government has agreed that Level 5 (with some amendments) as set out in the Plan for Living with COVID-19 will continue to apply nationally until July 5th 2021. The Government has clearly stated that there is a continued need to minimise the level of mobility and congregation of people in order to reduce all opportunities for transmission of the virus.

Please note that our library buildings have reopened to the public for Browsing Services and Contact & Collect since Monday, May 10th. Please see Library Page.

Consequently, and in line with current public health guidance, the Offices of Offaly County Council are closed for walk-in services to support this reduced mobility policy.

Public access cannot be facilitated during LEVEL 5 restrictions. Therefore, Offaly County Council services will be available by telephone, email, online post and only where absolutely necessary and in exceptional circumstances by appointment. Please read latest information.

home fire safety

Prevent a fire occurring

Open Fires

  •   Always keep a sparkguard in front of an open fire.
  •   Use a secure fire guard when children are in the room.
  •   Avoid banking fires too high.
  •   If you have a chimney fire call the fire brigade.

Portable Heaters 

  •   Keep portable heaters away from curtains and furniture.
  •   Keep portable heaters away from draughts
  •   Never move a gas or oil heater when it is in use.
  •   Never refill a hot oil heater.
  •   Never use a portable heater for drying clothes.

Respect electricity 

  •   Check flexes for signs of wear regularly and replace if necessary.
  •   Don’t run flexes under carpets or rugs where they can be damaged.
  •   Replace blown fuses with one of the correct rating.
  •   Don’t overload sockets – one socket, one plug is a safe rule.
  •   Get a qualified electrician to carry out repairs.
  •   Follow the manufacturers instructions for electric blankets.
  •   Use socket covers if there are children in the house.

Gas Appliances 

  •   Always keep gas cylinders upright and switch off at the regulator when not in use.
  •   Have adequate ventilation in all rooms where gas heaters are used.
  •   Check flexible hoses regularly for signs of wear and have them replaced.
  •   Store gas cylinders in the open air.
  •   If you suspect a leak, do not switch on lighting or any electrical appliance, ventilate the area, switch off the gas at source, contact your gas supplier


  • Never hang cloths directly over cookers or hobs.
  •   Turn pot handles inwards on the hob.
  •   Do not wear loose sleeves while cooking.
  •   Use a thermostatically controlled chip pan.
  •   Never overfill a chip pan.
  •   Never leave a chip pan unattended.


  •   Use proper ashtrays on a firm base.
  •   Last thing at night check that a smouldering cigarette has not fallen into seating or onto carpets.
  •   Never, never, never smoke in bed.


  •   Never leave children alone in the house
  •   Use secure fire guards in front of open fires.
  •   Never allow children to throw anything on an open fire.
  •   Keep children clear of the cooker when you are using it.
  •   Switch off and unplug appliances when not in use.
  •   Use child proof socket covers.
  •   Keep matches out of reach of children.