Licensing and the Fire Service

The applicant for the grant or renewal of a licence under the Licensing Acts, 1833-1981 (public houses, hotels, etc.), Registration of Clubs Acts, 1904-1981 and Public Dance Halls Act, 1935 must notify the Fire Authority of the application.
This section outlines the involvement of the Fire Service in the Licensing Process and is intended as a guide to both potential and existing licensees of public premises. It does not purport to be a definitive guide and any detailed information regarding the process may be obtained by contacting the Fire Service via the contact details given.
Licensing & the Fire Service
The Fire Service is a notice party to many types of licence applications and throughout the year the Fire Service receives notification of applications to the courts for licences for various types of public premises. This gives the Fire Authority the opportunity to inspect premises and to give evidence in court prior to the granting of a licence. The types of notifications the Fire Authority receives are:

  • - Certificates of Registration
  • - Excise Licences
  • - Bingo & Lottery Licences
  • - Club Licence
  • - Occasional Licences
  • - Public Dance Hall Licences
  • - Transfer of Licences
  • - Restaurant Licences
  • - Declaratory Licences
  • - Hotel Licence
  • - Pub/Ordinary