Edenderry Station

Edenderry Fire Station

Edenderry Fire Station was officially opened in 2008 by Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Cowen.

Edenderry Fire Station is a new purpose built state of the art station, it is a two bay station with drill yard and all ancillary facilities required for a modern Fire Station

The Crew of 12 in Edenderry consists of a Station Officer who is in charge of the day to day running of the station assisted by two Sub Station Officers and two Driver - Mechanics who looks after the routine tasks associated with maintaining a Fire Appliance in a constant state of readiness.All Firefighters in the station along with continual training also ensure all equipment is maintained in perfect working order to enable the crew to provide a rapid response whenever they are called to any incident.

Edenderry Fire Brigade attended 167 calls in 2016.
These calls consisted of Chimneys fires, house fires, Road traffic accidents, flooding, special services etc

Fire Appliances

2 No. Class B Fire Appliances
1 No Emergency Tender
1 No. Water Tanker
1  No. 4 wheel Drive

Weekly training drill takes place on Thursday nights from 18:30 to 20:30. The fire fighters carry out training on all aspects of the service, including fire fighting, Breathing apparatus, and road traffic accidents

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