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Offaly County Council –  Offaly Heritage Plan Key Actions for 2017 – 2021

This is the fourth Heritage Plan for county Offaly which guides the work of the Offaly Heritage Forum and Heritage Office.  This plan has been adopted at the March 2017 meeting of Offaly County Council.

Eight Action Areas for 2017 -2021 

  1. Offaly County Council Heritage related projects such as 1916/2016 Centenary Commemorations and the follow on programme Creative Ireland; management of key county sites such as Durrow and Clonmacnoise, public realm plans and ongoing projects as they arise.
  2. Partnering with local communities and societies working on heritage projects, ranging from the Tidy Towns network to Historical Societies.
  3. Heritage and Tourism – making sites accessible and improving signage and information including inputs to
  4. Developing a County Archive Service in partnership with Offaly History, the Library Service and private owners. 
  5. Medieval churches/Monastic Site conservation of the structures, management plans and access (these sites are predominantly in Offaly County Council ownership) 
  6. Publications – commissioning of and assisting with publications, specifically Offaly Castles and demesne landscapes which are currently in preparation. 
  7. Biodiversity - promotion of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan, submitting records to the National Biodiversity Data Centre and control of invasive species with particular focus on Japanese and Himalayan knotweed and Himalayan Balsam.  
  8. Access to heritage - coordinating and management of events such as Heritage Week, Offaly Naturalists’ Field Club, Annual Offaly Heritage Seminar and awareness of Offaly’s heritage through all appropriate means.

Role of the Offaly Heritage Forum - The forum is made up of Council, community, NGO and state agency representatives that meet quarterly. Members have given huge commitment to the forum and in delivering heritage projects. The forum has had a key role in providing members with an opportunity to discuss what their group or agency are working on, their restraints and opportunities and it has done much to assist with interagency working relations. This forum is brought together and co-ordinated by the Heritage Office. Joint community/agency projects have proven to be an efficient and cost effective way to work. 

Offaly Naturalists' Field Club Programme 2020

Offaly has an active field club which offers a range of events throughout the year. Download the Offaly Naturalists' Field Club programme for 2020. 

Annual Offaly Heritage Seminar 2019 - Friday 15 / Saturday 16 November 2019

The aim of the 24 hours is to provide an update on key projects that have happened during the year and to give a chance to those interested in heritage to meet up.  There year there was a choice of field trips in the morning and a range of speakers for the afternoon in Bury Quay.  Friday 15 November saw the start of the seminar with the Ferbane launch of ‘Sketches with the Microsope’ written by Mary Ward of Ballylin (1857) and republished by Offaly History (2019).  Michael Byrne outlined Mary’s life in Ballylin and her work.  Field trips on the morning of Saturday 16 November included a Vernacular Architecture Tour to a number of thatched properties led by architect Rachel McKenna, Offaly County Council; A visit to Geashill for a talk on the Battle of Geashill by author Clemens von Ow followed by a presentation by sculptor Holger Lönze on the creation of the Battle of Geashill sculpture; or a tour of Offaly Archives,  an exciting new county facility developed by Offaly History.

In the afternoon there were a series of speakers in Offaly History Centre at Bury Quay Tullamore.  Offaly Heritage Plan 2017 – 2021 & Creative Offaly Projects - Update on 2019 projects by Amanda Pedlow, Heritage Officer; Saving Offaly’s Unique Memorial Cross to Captain Studholme by Stephen Callaghan; Pollagh Brick, its story, the research and forthcoming publication byCaitriona Devery on behalf of the Pollagh Heritage Group; Why an Offaly Archive? by Michael Byrne, Offaly History and concluding with the Conservation of the Folly at Ballycumber by Rachel McKenna architect, Offaly County Council with Constance Hanniffy, owner of Ballycumber House.

Many thanks to all those that contributed and attended.  Download the 2019 Offaly Annual Heritage Seminar Programme.     

Creative Ireland  - Culture and Creativity in Offaly

Creative Ireland is the Government's Legacy Programme for Ireland 2016 - a multi annual initiative from 2017-22 which places creativity at the centre of public policy. The aim is to bring an enhanced level of coordination, focus and leadership to existing policies and initiatives across all sectors.   The Offaly Culture and Creativity Plan for 2018-22 was adopted at the December 2017 meeting of Offaly County Council. For more information on the National Programme see