Mills in Offaly

Fancroft Mill

This is Fancroft Mill in south Offaly which is occasionally open for tours.

Mills of County Offaly

In 2003, Fred Hamond, industrial archaeologist, was commissioned by Offaly County Council to undertake a study of all of the mills, distilleries, breweries and maltings throughout Offaly. The initial paper survey brought up 274 individual mill related buildings and structures at 193 locations in the county. Most sites are on private land but two mill sites open on occasion to the public Belmont Mill in West Offaly and Fancroft Mill in south Offaly, close to Roscrea.

Download the full Mills of Offaly report with high resolution pictures

Offaly Mills Part 1 General Review 346 MB

Offaly Mills Part 2 Site Gazetteer 553 MB