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3D Surveying of Archaeological Monuments

3D Modelling and Virtual Gallery of Selected Carved Stone and Buildings in Offaly

High Crosses

Kinnitty High Cross

3D Animation & Interactive Model of Kinnitty High Cross

Scaled Section Drawing of Kinnitty High Cross

Tihilly High Cross

3D Animation & Interactive Model of Tihilly High Cross

Scaled Section Drawing of Tihilly High Cross

Durrow High Cross

3D Animation, Tour & Interactive Model of Durrow High Cross

Scaled Section Drawing of Durrow High Cross

Seir Kieran High Cross base

3D Animation, Tour & Interactive Model of Seir Kieran High Cross

Scaled Section Drawing of Sier Kieran High Cross base

Rahan Monastic Site

3D Animation & Interactive Model of Rahan Monastic Site

Chancel Arch.

Scaled Section Drawing of Chancel Arch

Romanesque Church and Door

Scaled Section Drawing of Romanesque Church

Round Romanesque Window in Church of Ireland

Scaled Section Drawing of Round Romanesque Window

Gallen Monastic Site

Interactive 3D Model of Gallen Monastic Site

Scaled Section Drawing of Gallen Monastic Site Concrete Wall with graveslabs

C17 Hugenot Glass Making Furnace at Glasshouse

Interactive 3D Model of Glasshouse

Scaled Section Drawing of Glass Furnace (1)

Scaled Section Drawing of Glass Furnace (2)

Axonometric Drawing of Glass Furnace (1)

Axonometric Drawing of Glass Furnace (2)

Cadamstown - Ardara Bridge

3D Animation & Interactive Model of Cadamstown - Ardara Bridge

Offaly County Council has been working to record a number of structures and carved stones in the county using 3D modelling and putting them up on this virtual gallery. We would like to hear your comments on how you find this section to use, please email This work was funded by Offaly County Council and the Heritage Council. It was carried out by the Arctron Company. Many of these files are large. Do not attempt to download any of these files without broadband!

Arctron used a structured light scanning technique to record the 3D geometries of the stones. This technique is accurate to within a 10th of a millimetre and is capable of capturing structures which are not clearly visible to the naked eye. These high resolution 3D models enable access to details of the carvings and buildings that can be hard to examine in detail on site and which are not always easily accessible.

For each site:

(1) There is an Adobe Flash video clip which takes about 20 seconds to play.

(2) There is an Aspect 3D file which you can use to zoom in, turn the model around, alter the angle and look at any detail you wish to examine in your own time. The 3D model can also be rotated which causes light to shine across the carving obliquely thus increasing the visibility of barely visible carvings . For instructions from Arctron download the guide here. This is a really good programme that is worth investing in the time reading the guide to get the most out of it! It is recommended to view the carved stone in 'shaded' which seems to show up the detail best. The files open in 'Textured'. Go to the tool bar and click 'Aspect' choose 'Global Surface Rendering' from the drop down bar and then 'Shaded' from the next drop down bar.

(3) The Orthophoto is a jpeg with the scale bar

In addition for the Durrow High Cross site we have developed a programme with Arctron where there is an explanation for each panel and an interpretation of each scene.

A separate project run by NUI has scanned over 300 inscribed stones at Clonmacnoise see