Other Publications

Wildflowers of Offaly by John Feehan, published by Offaly County Council 2009

Available From bookshops via Mercier Press. Currently in stock in Midlands Books on High Street, Robbins in Tanyard Lane, Tullamore. Birr Castle Demesne Shop or on line www.mercier.ie.
Price: €40 RRP

'A revelation of Offaly's wildflower beauty and diversity by one of Ireland's top ecologists and communicators of nature. His up-close-and-personal portraits give each plant a vivid and distinctive presence, aided by superlative illustrations - another landmark in books about our countryside.' Michael Viney

Rahan Monastic Site Conservation Plan published by Offaly County Council 2008

This book balances detailed archaeological and architectural information with the ability to present information in a clear and legible way. Compiled by Howley Hayes Architects with input from Caimin O'Brien of the National Monuments Service. It is highly illustrated. Also available as a pdf of Rahan Conservation Plan.

County Offaly, The State of the Wild, 2007, compiled by John Feehan, published by Offaly County Council 2007

A detailed account of the state of knowledge of biodiversity in Offaly in 2007. Available from the heritage office at no charge. Also available as a pdf of The State of the Wild 2007.

Stories from a Sacred Landscape, Croghan Hill to Clonmacnoise by Caimin O'Brien published by Offaly County Council 2006

A higgly acclaimed account of the early monastic sites of County Offaly. It is now out of print, so have a look on line for collectable copies.

Books Ireland - Summer 2006 - 'Here is the ideal formula: a professional and qualified archaeologist who has the vision to draw on local lore, legend and poetry, the ability to tell a story, and the restraint to know when to stop'

Irish Times - 24 June 2006, Eileen Battersby 'This visonary volume not only showcases the county, it testifies to a neglected traditon - that of presenting a book as a work of art - of which this book, which deservers to be festooned with design awards, is an outstanding example'

Sunday Business Post - May 28 2006 'This is the coffee table book of the year. A feast'.

Living Under Thatch by Barry O'Reilly published by Mercier Press 2004

This book details each of the thatch buildings in the county of Offaly as surveyed in 2003 by Barry O'Reilly.  He provides commentary and advice about thatching. Available from Mercier Press, bookshops and Offaly Historical Society, Bury Quay, Tullamore. €15 RRP

An Atlas of Birr by John Feehan and Alison Rosse, published by the Department of Environmental Resource Management, University College Dublin in association with Offaly County Council, 2005

A fabulous publication for anyone interested in mapping or Birr town.  It shows what a wealth of knowledge can be gleaned from mapping sources and the evolution of Birr town.Note limited numbers remaining. Available From: Birr Historic and Science Centre, Offaly Heritage Office heritage@offalycoco.ie and Offaly Historical and Archaeological Society info@offalyhistory.com €45 RRP