Shannon View, Kylebeg, Banagher

Social Housing Development at Shannon View, Kylebeg, Banagher, Co. Offaly:

Part 8 resolution passed on 26th August 2013 in accordance with Part VIII of the Local Government (Planning and Development) Regulations 2001 for the provision of a total of 26 No. Dwellings.

Phase 1: Constructed in 2015 comprising 8 No. dwellings (2 no. x 3 bed single storey & 6 x no. 2 bed single storey).

Phase 2: To comprise 18 No. dwellings (18 no. x 3 bed two storey) along with internal access road and all associated site development works.

Part 8 Grant, Kylebeg, Banagher

Part 8 Drawings Kylebeg, Banagher

Part 8 Newspaper Notice Kylebeg, Banagher

Part 8 Report,Kylebeg, Banagher


01 Final Appropriate Assessment Conclusion Statement

02 Final Appropriate Assessment Form Houses, Kylebeg, Banagher

All Saints Bog and Esker

Middle Shannon Callows

Redwood Bog

River Shannon Callows