Estate Management

Estate Management

The Estate Management process seeks to improve the social and physical environment in Council estates.  Offaly County Council actively encourages tenants to become involved in resident’s groups /associations in their area.  Such groups /associations facilitate the promotion of their interests as residents, both individually and collectively, and enable a two-way working relationship between tenants and the Council. 

Click her to download Offaly County Council Estate Management Policy

Community Liaison Officer

Offaly County Council employs a Community Liaison Officer  whose main function is to promote Tenant Participation throughout the county through a number of initiatives including:-

  • Pre-tenancy courses for all new tenants

  • Promotion of good relations between tenants and the local authority

  • Encouraging and assisting residents in setting up of Residents Associations and in the management of their estates

  • Investigating complaints of anti-social behaviour and liaison with the Gardai and other agencies as required

The Community Liaison Officer may be contacted through the Housing Department at 05793 57409 or e-mailed at

Complaints of anti social behaviour may be made on the official complaint form, which can be obtained by telephoning the Housing Department at 05793 57409 or you can download it by clicking on the following link:

Anti Social Behaviour Complaint Form

All complaints are treated in confidence and investigated in a fair, impartial and objective manner.

The Council has specific powers to evict tenants engaging in anti-social behaviour, i.e. convicted of drug dealing or any behaviour that might cause danger, injury, damage or fear to people living in the area. This may include violence, threats, intimidation or harassment.  The Council may also refuse to let or sell a dwelling on the grounds of anti-social behaviour.

click here to download the Offaly County Council's Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Tenants Handbook

A Tenants Handbook is provided to all tenants of Offaly local authorities as part of their on-going Estate Management programme.

This booklet answers some of the more common queries received on a day to day basis in relation to such matters as general tenancy conditions, repairs and anti-social behaviour as well as outlining practical advice on safety in the home.

Copies of the handbook are available free of charge from the Housing Sections of Offaly County Council, Birr & Tullamore Town Councils.

Repairs and Maintenance to Offaly County Council Rented Properties

There are three areas within Offaly’s administrative area for repairs and maintenance queries to Offaly County Council rented properties.  See below for your area and contact details you should call in the event of such queries.

Birr Area


Tullamore Area


Edenderry Area


KilcormacPollaghWalsh island