Homeless Services

Homelessness” is given a statutory definition in the Housing Act 1988, Section 2 as follows:

“A person shall be regarded by a housing authority as being homeless for the purpose of the Housing Act if

a)       There is no accommodation available, which, in the opinion of the authority, he, together with any other person who normally resides with him or who might reasonably be expected to reside with him, can reasonably occupy or remain in occupation of, or

b)      he is living in a hospital, county home, night shelter or other such institution, and is so living because he has no accommodation of the kind referred to in the paragraph (a) and he is, in the opinion of the authority, unable to provide accommodation from his own resources” .

If you are homeless , rough sleeping or at risk of becoming homeless you need to present in person to the housing section of Offaly County Council where your individual case can be assessed.

Homeless clinics are available daily in the housing section of Offaly County Council from 10.00am to 12.30pm.


Offaly operates as part of the Midlands Regional Homeless Service along with Westmeath, Longford and Laois.


The current Midlands Regional Action Plan 2013-2016 is available to download here: